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Pantops Pet Salon & Spa
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Spa Treatments

Price is determined by coat condition and size.

Conditioning Massage

Our conditioning spa treatment consists of a thorough brushing followed by a bath using the shampoo of your choice. We then apply Davis cream rinse and conditioner. We thoroughly massage this into the coat for 10-15 minutes. The massage is followed with a spritz of our finest designer cologne--you couldn't give a finer birthday present! By massaging the conditioner into the coat you ease muscles and get the maximum benefit of the moisturizing agents.


A spray of our finest designer cologne of your choice is available to insure a pleasant aromatherapy experience for the pet owner who likes to get "up close and personal."

Cologne fragrances: brut, chanel, obsession, happy, and georgio.

Aromatherapy Shampoo

Our aromatherapy bath is a favorite for those who really want to snuggle with their pets. On the couch and in the bed? This is for you.

While the fragrance of these shampoos is pleasing regardless of the emotion-enhancing properties, you can choose shampoos with the wellness benefits that are best suited to you — calming, soothing, stimulating, stress-relieving, refreshing, and more. The fragrances vary according to their mixture of essential oil extracts, but all of the shampoos are made with a luxurious conditioning base enriched with vitamin E and Lanolin which results in a glossy, manageable finish.


Kava Kava Shampoo

Relieve stressed out pets

Relieves stress with a relaxing combination of armoise oil, cinnamon, sandalwood and kava kava extract.


Lemongrass Shampoo

Invigorating bath

Invigorates with a fresh and lively citrus bouquet combining bergamot, lemongrass and tart lemon accented with jasmine and woody apple.


Lavender Magic Shampoo

Soothing aromatic blend

Relaxes and soothes with an aromatic blend of lavender, chamomile and sweet peas entwined with violets and roses.


Chamomile Hush Shampoo

Calms and comforts excited, barking pets

Calms and caresses with a gentle blend of fresh chamomile, lavender, vanilla and musk.


Flowering Bamboo Shampoo

Soothing bamboo and citrus aroma

Soothes the senses with bamboo extracts and a light citrus scent leading to a bouquet of roses, jasmine and white lilies.


Green Tea Shampoo

Refreshing citrus floral and green tea blend

Stimulates by repairing and protecting with a refreshing citrus floral and green tea blend infused with cucumber flowers, lime and white grapefruit.


White Tea Shampoo

Uplift tense pets

Uplifts with a bright citrus and white tea blend infused with bergamot, mandarin and ginger with accents of crisp leafy greens and wild lavender.


Sweet Apricot Shampoo

Happy blend renews the spirit

Refreshes and renews the spirit with a happy blend of tangerine oil, melon, jasmine, lilies, and invigorating apricot extract.