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Dogs love routine

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 by Jenna

Dogs Love Routine

The final step in the grooming process for most of our pets is the tying on of the bandana….the dogs go nuts! Tails wag and they start running in place from the excitement of being finished; they made it!

Dogs perform much better to a regular routine that takes care of their basic needs, and so do we. Whether we consciously know it or not, most of us follow a schedule with our pets everyday.

Here’s Lizzie’s, Up at 6:00am to go for that morning bathroom break followed by a 3 mile walk- of which 1/2 mile is off lead. At 7:00 she get’s fed- same diet and same amount. 7:15 off to work where she performs her receptionist duties for the day. At 12:00 we go for a short walk behind the shop where she can stretch her legs and go to the bathroom again. After work we go for another short walk and yes, another bathroom break. Then its time for sitting on the deck till dinner- I have a vodka tonic and she gets to watch! After dinner, one more trip outside. This is her routine everyday. On the weekends at the houseboat the timing is much the same- just different setting.

Your pet learns the sequence for grooming after a few visits and most of them know exactly what to expect. Initial brush out, nails, hair cut, bathe,dry and final clipping- followed by that bandana. Some dogs are so familiar with what goes on and when,that they don’t need a leash to go from station to station. Mica Schmeltzer, one of our standard poodles, goes on his own from the front door to the holding area, picks out a run and goes in. When its his turn for grooming he goes from station to station on his own- jumping up on the table or in the tub with very little assistance. Shay Collier, Shayna Petro and Willis Warnecke to name a few,do like wise.

When our pets know what to expect they are happier- and if they are accustom to a certain activity at a given time and you don’t allow it, they are liable to let you know.


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