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Our Shampoo Selection

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 by Mike Cronk

                                                                                 Our Shampoos

PROTEIN, ALOE, LANOLIN:    This is our default shampoo that contains the richest conditioning ingredients available for producing abundantly beautiful coats. Strengthening Protein builds body and revives damaged hair.Lanolin moisturizes, leaving a natural shine, while Aloe soothes itchy or irritated skin. Contains a fresh herbal fragrance.

MELALEUCA:   Helps combat seborrhea dermatitis, skin bacteria, and fungi. This shampoo relieves itching,scaling and dry skin using all natural ingredients from soothing tea tree oil. The synergistic combination of vitamin E , wheat germ, rosemary and coconut oils, plus proteins and mild organic cleansers, provides rapid relief and deep skin penetration resulting in healthy, shiny coats.

HYPOALLERGENIC:  Contains no fragrances, dyes, soaps or other allergy-producing ingredients. Made especially for pets with persistently sensitive, dry and allergic skin, this extra mild, tearless shampoo is so gentle that it wont irritate while it cleans. Pure and emollient rich, it also helps to repair dry, brittle coats.

TRICLOSAN DEODERIZING:  Our fresh scented deodorizing shampoo contains  Triclosan which helps attack  he bacteria that causes “doggie odor”. Its deep cleansing, luxurious formula contains natural moisturizing agents that nourish the skin and coat. This special shampoo is especially effective in helping to eliminate the odor caused by skunk encounters.

OATMEAL ALOE:  Soothing and soap free formula made with 2% colloidal oatmeal. Designed especially to benefit sensitive, dry or irritated skin and is highly regarded for its superior moisturizing and anti-itch properties. The hypoallergenic and soap free formula is recommended for pets with allergies and seborrhea dermatitis.

FLEA AND TICK:  Kills fleas and ticks with natural, organic Pyrethrins. Special conditioners protect skin and hair from outdoor elements while providing manageability, luster, and sheen.


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