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The Newfoundland

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 by Mike Cronk


Country of Origin:  Newfoundland Island
Group:  Working
Lifespan: 10 years
Height:  26-28 inches
Weight:  +/- 140 lbs
Color:  Black or black and white
AKC Rank 2006:  44

The Newfoundland
Newfoundlands are thought to have originated from the Tibetan Mastiff by way of the Great Pyrenees.  As their name suggests, they came from the island of Newfoundland.  Their webbed feet, oily coat and broad chest make Newfies natural swimmers.  Rather than herding sheep, they mainly pulled nets for fisherman and performed water rescue work.

The Newfies we’ve worked on have been exceptionally friendly—quick to give you a slobbery lick on the face if you get too close.  Since they don’t have an aggressive bone in their body, they make an excellent family dog for children and adults alike.  Some of the words describing the Newfoundland are “calm, patient, easy-going, gentle, and amiable—a friend to all.”

When it comes to grooming they require a LOT of brushing—and due to their size it would be wise to do half of the dog one day and the other half the next day—and this should be done on a weekly basis!  They have a dense undercoat that will matt quickly with neglect.  If you bring your Newfie to us on a 6 week basis—especially during the summer months, we can keep his coat thinned, allowing it to breathe and provide as much cooling as possible. 

Because the maintenance of their coat is time consuming, we can give them short utility clips on the body and then blend the head and scissor the tail.  Due to their stocky build, Newfies look nice in short clips and this certainly is preferable if the coat isn’t going to be brushed and maintained properly.  We can also do a summer cut—trim the feathers to the body and thoroughly brush out the undercoat.  Due to their lack of heat tolerance, grooming is a number one priority for ownership when it comes to this breed.


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