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The Bath

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

Our bath process is set up to accomplish three primary functions.  We consider bathing your pet and doing a good job our top priority.

1. Thorough cleansing of the coat and skin -  We wet your pet thoroughly, exercising caution around the eyes and in the ears.  Appropriate shampoo is applied to the coat and is spread evenly over the dog using a soft bristle brush.  We then apply more water and scrub through the coat.  Additionally, we use a universal grooming brush to remove any left over dirt, grime, and loose hair.  The coat is rinsed through to the skin and, if necessary, conditioner is applied.  Your pet is then ready to be hand dried.

2. Skin and Coat Treatment Shampoo – Our default shampoo is a protein, aloe, lanolin solution for medium to short coated breeds.  For long-coated dogs we use the Davis Deluxe Luxury shampoo.  These are both moisturizing shampoos which enhance the coat’s shine and texture.  We also carry several treatment shampoos such as hypoallergenic, oatmeal aloe, deodorizing, medicinal and tearless for puppies.  Visit the shampoo section of our website for a brief description of each.
3. Pesticide Control – Our flea and tick shampoo will kill what is on your pet and is safe for use on dogs over 12 weeks old.  Since it is a shampoo and is rinsed off, there is no residual affect and re-infestation is something for the owner to consider.  We are reluctant to use any dips or flea control products due to the possible reactions they may cause.  Explore the use and safety of these products carefully before applying.

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