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Mike’s Formula for Dog Age

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

The old rule of thumb of using seven years of our age for every year of dog age is obviously incorrect—dogs reach maturity between one and two years old.  Giant breeds take the longest.  Try this formula out and see if it makes sense to you:

The first year is worth 20 human years (Lizzie being 8 months old, is a teenager around 13) and every year thereafter is figured out by life expectancy.  If the average life expectancy of man is 75 years and that of a Golden is 12 years then subtract 20 from 75 and 1 from 12.  The remaining dog life span years is divided into the remaining life span years or 55 divided by 11 gives 5 years of age for every year after 1 (which is 20).  So at two years of age, Lizzie will be 25, at 6 years she would be 45 years old and having her mid-life crises.

Let’s do it for Molly, my Great Dane.  The average life expectancy of a Great Dane is 7-9 years so let’s say 8.  For the first year, subtract 20 from 75—divide 55 by the remaining 7 years and for each year after 1, add 7.86.  So in 6 years when Lizzie was like a 45 year old person, Molly would be more like 59 and a half!

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