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Allergies and Dog Hair

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 by Jenna

Unfortunately, the non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog is a myth.  Even hairless breeds shed dander and many allergies stem not from hair but from skin oil.  However, there are some dogs which shed less than others and thus have less chance of spreading allergens.  These dogs include single-coated dogs, those who do not have a thick undercoat to shed.  The Bichon, Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn, and Maltese are all single-coated dogs who are low-shedders.  Poodles are also included because, instead of frequent shedding, their coat continues to grow like human hair. 

When looking for a low-allergen dog, do not base your decision on puppies or kittens.  As animals age, their sebaceous glands produce more of the oil which can cause problems for allergy sufferers.  Spend lengths of time with an adult of the breed to determine whether an allergy will grow to bother you.  Within any litter of any breed you may find an animal that you have no reaction to or that you are very sensitive to.  In general, female animals produce less allergens than males and smaller dogs produce less allergens than larger dogs.  Frequent grooming will reduce allergens.

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