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Everything you Need to Know about Matting

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 by Jenna

What are matts?
Matts are tangles in a dog’s coat which can solidify into a felt-like substance. They are caused by petting, playing, shedding hair, laying down while wet, etc. Matting even occurs in short-haired dogs whose dead hair is trapped in the coat. Matting tends to develop deep in the undercoat, close to the skin.

Problems that arise from Matting:
-Reduced life cycle of hair
-Moisture trapped in a matted coat aids bacterial growth
-Skin infections (yeast, etc)
-Skin irritation, itching
-Dull coat
-Hot spots
-Higher possibility of nicks because it is harder to separate the skin and the hair, clippers can snag

Options once Matts have Formed:
-Some matts can be split with professional grooming tools
–Groomers will NOT brush out matts if the dog is poorly behaved for brushing OR if the brushing required would be painful to the dog or the time and cost ($100++!) would be unreasonably high
-A small number of matts may be clippered out and the holes can be blended
-Due to how close matts develop next to the skin, IT IS DANGEROUS TO CUT MATTS WITH SCISSORS
-Severe matting will require a dog to be shaved because the clippers must go between the matts and the skin in order safely remove the matts. The hair will come off like a second skin!

Preventing Matts:
-For most breeds, set-up professional grooming appointments every 6-8 weeks (4-6 for curly-coated breeds)
-Thoroughly brush your dog weekly—more often if your dog has a long and/or thick coat
-Brush after vigorous play, swimming, and other tangling activities
-When brushing, divide the hair into layers and brush each layer separately
-Use a comb to check through the hair after brushing—make sure that there are no tangles developing close to the skin

Benefits to Matt Prevention
-You can leave your dog’s hair as long as you like and he won’t need to be shaved
-Cheaper cost per grooming
-Grooming is safer
-Coat oils are spread through brushing to promote a shiny, healthy coat
-Stimulation of the coat promotes healthy skin
-Allows heating/cooling air circulation in the coat, the coat “can breathe”
-Brushing removes loose dirt, keeps your dog cleaner and smelling nicer
-A thinned coat makes health problems (lumps, irritations, fleas, etc) easier to identify and treat
-Healthier immune system and waste system (brushing stimulates the lymphs!)
-Soothes skin problems
-Comfortable coat for your dog
-Reduced shedding!

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