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Cats and Dogs

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 by Jenna

“That cat is amazing!  Don’t the dogs bother him?”  Nope!  Dodger is quite content to laze on the counter as dog after dog comes in for grooming.  Sometimes they sniff at each other.  Once in a while a terrier will try to chase him down or a Golden will grin at him over the counter.  With a glare, a growl, and sometimes a swat, Dodger will put them in their place if they get too close.  Otherwise, our shop mascot is quite content to be surrounded by dogs every weekday.  Is Dodger unusual?

Gina Spadafori, a columnist for Veterinary Partner, states that it is “not uncommon for dogs and cats to become friends and to enjoy each other’s company.”  Some dogs and cats are compatible instantly, others

need more introduction and a few have a predatory instinct too strong to overcome.  Spadafori recommends a slow, controlled introduction period which includes allowing the animals to sniff at each other from under a closed door so that each of them has a comfortable area of territory.  After a few days, allow them to see each other but keep the dog on lead.  Watch their responses.  They may be curious, afraid, aggressive, etc.  Let them have an adjustment period under close observation.  Hopefully, your dog and cat will have a new best friend!

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