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Archive for March, 2007

Tear Stains

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 by Jenna

The January 2007 issue of “Dog Fancy” addresses the question of tear stains.  These red marks are most easily seen on white dogs like the Maltese and often owners hope that we can clean the red away.  While we can clip away some of it there is little chance of it washing out.  This intense stain is caused by watering eyes which attract bacteria and yeast.  The discoloration is unfortunately not as easily removed as mud!  In fact, keeping a dog’s face white is a daily process.  “Dog Fancy” recommends scheduling a check-up with your veterinarian to first make sure that the staining is not caused by allergies or irritation.  Second, they suggest limiting your dog’s diet to foods which are free from additives and preservatives.  Finally, they recommend that daily grooming include the use of a tear stain removal product.  All of this is much more than we are able to offer during a single haircut.

Meimei “Boothe’s” owner highly recommends Angels Eyes as a method of tear stain removal.  See their website for more information.

Archived from “The Paw Report:”  Issue #9, March.

Grooming is a Great Experience – For all of Us

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

We have been discussing the senses of dogs in previous issues, but what about our senses in relation to dogs?  Grooming provides a positive stimulation of many of our senses—sight, hearing, touch.  Most of our customers react very positively when they pick up their dog(s)—and they should!  After all, the dogs look good, smell good, and feel soft and silky to the touch.  Some dogs will bark or squeal their excitement as well.  After all that, how can you not reach out to pet that smiling doggy face?  I know that after Lizzie gets a bath and brush, I can’t help but give her extra petting and bury my nose in that soft, clean-smelling fur. 
Yes, it lowers my blood pressure and really helps you understand the benefits offered by therapy dogs.  This use of so many senses produces a strong positive exchange which reinforces the bond between owner and dog.  A freshly groomed dog gets a little extra love and this is an experience that we appreciate being able to be a part of.  Every day, we get to make dogs more comfortable, beautiful, and endearing to their owners.  Nothing beats the happy smiles on canine and human faces when they are pleased with a groom. 

We’d like to thank you for being part of that experience!

Archived from “The Paw Report:”  Issue #9, March.

A Variety of Coats

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

It is very difficult to discuss the coat of dogs in generalities.  Not all breeds have a coat that responds to brushing, bathing, or clipping in the same manner.  The primary coat (long outer hair) of the Springer Spaniel is dense therefore is very difficult for clipper blades to cut through.  The coat of a Yorkie is soft and silky, so the clippers can cut through it much more smoothly. 

Most dogs have a dense, short, soft secondary coat (undercoat) which varies in amount and width from breed to breed and even between differently bred dogs of the same breed.  Dalmatians, Boxers, Greyhounds and the Yorkie can almost always be considered single coated dogs. 

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The Koehler Method

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

The Koehler Method of Dog Training
We have discussed Cesar Millan’s method of rehabilitating dogs and the philosophy behind it.  His methods are fine and dandy for trying to get rid of unwanted behavior, but for teaching the basics to a new family member I recommend a book by W.R. Koehler called “The Koehler Method of Dog Training.”  To find out more about his book and method, visit his website:

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