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The Time it Takes and Why

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

We need about 3+ hours to groom the average dog. Of course a Chihuahua or a beagle bath is certainly the exception, but for most of our pets the brush out, clipping, and bath takes time. If we were to work straight through on a dog it would take us an average of two hours, but it is more efficient for us (and less stressful for the dogs, especially the geriatric) to work in four phases.


First the groomers “prep” all the dogs by establishing the pattern with scissors and clippers. Prepping also includes a brush out of the coat as well as nail clipping and ear cleaning where needed. Then they are then taken to the back area and our bather/dryer washes them in the appropriate shampoo. The bath is followed by blow drying and fluff drying.

The groomers can generally have all the dogs prepped by eleven o’clock at which time they begin “finishing” the dry dogs who will go home first. It takes about an hour each to do final clipping, blending, scissoring and bandana/bows. Throw in lunch for the groomers and our first dogs are ready to go home around twelve. Depending on the number of groomers working that day (I have 3 employed on the busiest days) we can have three ready at twelve and three more each hour thereafter until between 4 and 5 o’clock when we call it quits. The average groomer can groom between 5 and 7 dogs a day so when everyone is working we may have 15 to 20 dogs being groomed.

But make no mistake about it, as far as you’re concerned there is only one dog in the shop—yours. When he is being worked on, I want our focus to be on your pet and we do our best. That’s the deal.

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