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Can I Watch?

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 by Mike Cronk

This is quite a frequent question!  The answer is not as simple as “yes” or “no.”  Can you stand amidst us as we work for 3-5 hours on your dog?  No, that is not practical.  Can you see the grooming process?  It depends.  The main grooming room can be seen from our reception area over the top of the café door and past the main grooming room you can see into our holding and bathing areas. 

We have nothing to hide about our work and you are welcome to peek around the corner—so long as you are not disturbing the dogs.  We groom a wide range of dogs from calm to hyper, from boisterous to shy and it is unfair to them, their owner, and the groomer to disturb these dogs.  Remember, grooming includes sharp scissors, clippers, and other tools which require careful handling and a motionless dog to ensure a safe process.  Some dogs are stoic and will hold still no matter what.  Other dogs become excited or nervous when they hear a stranger speak to them so it is best for you, your companions, and your children to remain quiet if you wish to watch briefly.

Additionally, groomers are artists who prefer not to be disturbed while they work especially if they have a difficult dog or complex haircut.  I consider most of the customers I have known for years as friends and want to take the time out to say hi when they come in, but if I am working on a new puppy or otherwise nervous dog, I won’t.  Also be aware that grooming is not a dog’s favorite activity!  Don’t be surprised if you hear a puppy squeal while he learns about his first groom—it takes time for him to understand the process and for us to establish a bond.  We will not do anything that will hurt a dog and in fact, we will refuse customer requests that we believe are painful to a dog—for example, brushing out matts. 

We are involved in this business because of our love for dogs but in order for us to work on one for hours at a shot they need to behave and be still.  Be aware of how the dogs are reacting to your presence if you are watching.  If you see a dog becoming nervous or bouncy, please get out of sight range so that they can calm down and be groomed safely.  If the dogs remain calm at your presence, feel free to keep watching!  I always enjoy watching a good dog being groomed and marvel at their patience and the affection we often receive.

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