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Time Commitment

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 by Mike Cronk

I’ve now seen over 25 of Cesar Millan’s shows and am still fascinated by his skillful handling of each situation.  I’d like to comment on a different aspect of his presentation throughout our newsletters.  He does explain that all the nuances of his technique are based on three points of emphasis:  exercise, discipline, and then affection (in that order).  The main thing I noticed when he is making a correction is the time involved on the part of the owner.  First, there must be a 45 minute walk daily—without exception.  This is followed by consistent behavior modification at every breech of good behavior.

Archived from “The Paw Report:” Issue #2, July

In our first newsletter, I told you I walked my Danes everyday for close to three miles (it took us about 50 minutes) and they were at heel for the first six months as I established the “alpha.”  This controlled and lengthy exercise was crucial to their training process.  When they grew older, they learned when they could walk freely but all I had to do was say their name and they were at heel again.  My dogs learned good behavior before they had a chance to learn otherwise.  Fortunately for me, we also went to work together so spending time training was easier for me than most.

The bottom line here is that pet ownership requires a responsibility to a large time commitment and some breeds require even more time than others due to their breed characteristics.  If you own a Golden your time training will be less than if you own a Rottweiler or Pitt Bull—trust me!  But that’s a topic for another day…


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