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How long do I have to leave my pet?

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 by Jenna

We recommend 4-5 hours, at least four, and for larger dogs with thicker coats we definitely need 6—so it all depends on the dog!  Some dogs are small but have a lot of hair that can add time to brushing and drying while Brownie our Mastiff friend may be large but her coat is so easy to clean that it takes us less time to do her than to do a smaller dog.

Some dogs dislike certain aspects of grooming too so we like to make certain that we have the time to work slowly and carefully with them.  If you ever need an early pickup we recommend calling to reserve your spot in advance and ensuring that you arrive as close to when we open that day as possible so that we can get started immediately on your dog.
We may take longer than other grooming shops because we prefer to give dogs breaks between parts of grooming and we also like being on time so we give ourselves breathing room in case anything unexpected comes up—and it usually does!


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