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Health Care in the Heat

Monday, August 14th, 2006 by Mike Cronk

 On top of the heat advisory, watch that humidity too.  High humidity and moderate temperatures can stress a dog as much as a midday sun.  Obese dogs, flat-faced dogs and the combination of both run an even higher risk of heat stress and/or heat stroke.  Pay attention to the weather and what your dog can handle.  Right now, it’s best to exercise your dog in the cooler air of dawn and dusk only. 

Archived from “The Paw Report:”  Issue #13, July

Dogs need water but keeping your dog hydrated is not a complete solution—neither is a short haircut.  Left to their own accord, dogs will seek out shade and dig holes in the earth to avoid midday heat.  Most wild animals do.  Hunting usually takes place at night and very little activity goes on during the day.  Even the birds in my backyard disappear and are most active at dusk and dawn.

My Golden, Lizzie, pants to stay cool even when she’s in the shade.  To beat the heat, we only exercise in the morning—5:45am!  It is dangerous to do otherwise.

For more information about haircut styles and keeping cool read our Brushout, Short cut or Something in Between article.

To read our past story about health care in the heat, continue reading below.

Archived from “The Paw Report:”  Issue #1, July

My Great Dane Molly was almost 8 years old last summer (for a member of a giant breed, she was getting up there in years). At least five days a week, the first thing we did in the morning was go on a three mile walk. Finished walking, she would accompany me to work (or to Lowe’s or on any other trip I needed to make). She was my “bud” and I think my wife Loretta was jealous! At any rate, when I would head for the door she was following right behind, happy to go anywhere with me.

Once she reached 7 years old, I could tell that the walks were starting to wear her out—especially in the summer when heat and humidity are so demanding on the body. But she really wanted to go–she always did! Last summer, one of our walks was just too much for her—between her age and the heat she couldn’t make it home. Loretta went home to get my car and I loaded her up. I tried to cool her down with the hose but she couldn’t quite recover. Maybe it was her time anyway, but I really am nervous now about exercising deep in the summer. Dogs don’t sweat like we do, the closest they manage is some evaporation from panting and that isn’t enough here in the Virginian heat. Exercise is important to everyone’s health and my doctor keeps telling me that my high blood pressure and cholesterol demand a work out however, dogs are different. Exercise them daily, watch their diet, and keep them cool while being aware that they can’t do what we do when it comes to summertime. Be careful with your pets and back off a little—maybe a lot-on exercising in intense weather, especially as they get older.

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